Bomb squad investigates weather balloon, packages found in San Dimas

Bomb squad investigates weather balloon, packages found in San Dimas

A bomb squad team from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau responded to the San Gabriel Valley Thursday night after receiving reports of suspicious packages.

The packages were tied to a large balloon and appeared to have come down in a residential area in San Dimas.

The bomb squad responded to the scene, which was not disclosed, and found what remained of a large red and yellow balloon that was tangled in a bush overhanging a retaining wall.

Tied to the deflated balloon were two packages.

Investigators analyzed the packages and determined that the devices were being used for some type of science project. The owners of the balloon and its payload were not identified.

The scene was cleared and the neighborhood was deemed safe, the Sheriff’s Department said., a website which tracks stratospheric balloons for both scientific research and aerospace use, chimed in on Twitter to lend some context.

“It’s amateur/university/college balloon launch season. A lot going on this days,” the website’s official Twitter account wrote. “Best practice is to have water-proof big labels explaining payload’s nature attached outside the package to avoid that.”

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